Draw on your passions and shape our community.


Draw on your passions and shape our community.

What matters at Spark

As a member of Team Spark you are much more than a co-worker or employee. You are part of a community that values and supports your growth and wellness with the same dedication we give to our clients. Joining us means having a stake in the struggles and successes of your teammates. It means actively looking to make Spark Lifecare a better organization. And, it means a genuine personal commitment to our values and vision. 

We believe that strong, authentic relationships can transform people's lives. This is the foundation of our client-caregiver matching process. We pride ourselves on putting the same care and attention to detail into understanding our caregivers as we do with our clients. Once we get to know you, we match you with clients whose strengths and areas of growth are balanced and complemented by yours, and whose interests and passions are compatible with yours.  

You will be a spark for your clients' transformation. But, in the end, they will change your life as much as you change theirs. That's the power of a true relationship.


We're looking for people who are...


We're looking for people who are...


You can always see things from someone else's perspective, and you respond to conflicts and disagreements with compassion, patience, and respect.


You listen well, pick up on nonverbal cues, and can "translate" a person's needs and desires so that others will understand them better. 


You don't need others to motivate you or keep you accountable, you are driven by your own passion for the work you do. You're always proactive, prompt and professional. 

team players

You thrive on sharing ideas, responsibilities and experiences with others. You own your team's success as your own. You take criticism well and are quick to celebrate others. 

Problem solvers

You are great at thinking on your feet and responding quickly, calmly and effectively to challenges and crises. 



You consistently seek out and find unique and unconventional things, ideas, and experiences. You think laterally and are never bored.


Helping people fulfill their potential is not a job for you, it's a vocation. Something you do with energy and excitement because you have a vision for a happier and healthier world. 

Spark University


Spark University

What is Spark* University? 

Spark* University (est. 2016) is our passion project. It’s not a physical place. It’s events, activities, tools, resources, opportunities and inspiration geared toward helping you live happier and healthier lives. It’s your opportunity to make work more than just work and be part of the Spark family. If it’s relevant, educational, useful, inspiring, uplifting, or just plain, stupid fun, it belongs in Spark University.

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The big challenge with frontline care is that you don’t get to work with your teammates every day. Our seminars are designed to mitigate that. They’re a chance for you to bond with your teammates, and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences. We hold 3 sessions per year and each one is a chance to appreciate and be appreciated by your teammates. 


Sometimes you need to go beyond a TGIF beer at the local watering hole. Past Spark* Socials have included archery tag, Escape Manor, Sens games, pub nights, Red Black games and more. The more unusual the better, and we’re always open to new suggestions. And, of course, we take care of the bill.

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Formal trainings

Every year we put together a special Professional Development Training where you receive exclusive and formal instruction from our Care Specialist or a Community Expert. Completing this training will often net you a new certification. 


We always refer to ourselves as a team, Spark Varsity is a chance to compete as one! Every year we participate in a citywide rec league as another way of bonding and kicking back. As usual, we cover the costs, you bring home the glory. 

Feeling inspired?


Feeling inspired?


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